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Lucid Light Tarot 'Hierophant' Tapestry

Lucid Light Tarot 'Hierophant' Tapestry

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The Hierophant is an archetypal character who represents knowledge, wisdom, and tradition. His presence offers guidance on how to live a virtuous life, bridging duality into harmony. Eric Tecce has captured this essence exquisitely in the tarot card, which now transformed into a beautiful art tapestry. His art delivers a strong sense of connection, rooted in history and mystique. The ornate headdress, glowing aura, and crossed fingers create a commanding image, reflecting the importance of acceptance and respect for one's beliefs and traditions. Displaying this tapestry reiterates the significance of inner wisdom, fostering the spirit of devotion and reverence for a higher power, a true piece of transcendent art.

.: 100% Polyester
.: Water and mildew resistant

  26" × 36"
Width, in 26.00
Height, in 36.00
.: Made in USA