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Lucid Light Tarot 'World' Tapestry

Lucid Light Tarot 'World' Tapestry

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Embodying the culmination of spiritual quests, Eric Tecce's interpretation of The World card in the Lucid Light Tarot deck takes form as a majestic tapestry. Depicting a woman hovering above the Earth, symbolizing the union of the material world with the divine. Her robes flow effortlessly around her as light connecting all, representing universal harmony and the sacred feminine. The circular Zodiacal design encompassing the figure signifies completion and wholeness, providing a visual representation of the card's meaning: finding unity amidst diversity and embracing change. Aptly capturing the card's energy of selflessness and universality, this artistic expression celebrates the beauty and synchronicity of life's path. Hanging it as a decorative element elevates the ambiance while acting as a gentle nudge to continue seeking deeper connections in oneself and beyond.

.: 100% Polyester
.: Water and mildew resistant

  26" × 36"
Width, in 26.00
Height, in 36.00
.: Made in USA