Divination Reading (Extended)
Divination Reading (Extended)

Divination Reading (Extended)

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Gain extended in-depth insight into the present resonances utilizing either the entire deck of Shadow Light Tarot or additional decks to assist in providing the a synchronistic message from Universe.

All Readings will be pre-recorded & sent to the email used at checkout. If desired request for any specialized interest, please note upon checkout.

Please note that Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. The information and guidance provided by our Tarot readers is not intended to be taken as professional advice or substituted for medical, legal, financial, or other professional counseling. The information and guidance received during a Tarot reading should not be used as the sole basis for making important life decisions.

By requesting a Tarot reading, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms and conditions. You also confirm that you are over the age of 18 (or the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction) and that you are not seeking advice or guidance for any illegal or harmful activities.